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The best place for tourist searching for South Africa to India Holidays & Travel Packages. Visit the country's trendiest city that hugs the Arabian Sea, who's people live and work at street level in the private homes flanking narrow lanes, this is it.

Reserve your discounted Mumbai (previously Bombay) flight packages from Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban in South Africa, SA. Experience this exotic  holiday destination with great shopping in Mumbai, especially at Crawford Market and the 'Thieves Market', and for designer clothes in the shops close to majestic India Gate. For a cultural Bombay holiday, travel to Elephant Island, a World Heritage Site of rock cut temples and caves, created over a period of 300 years from 459AD.

Before you go

Visas are required for South African passport holders when traveling to India. Visas to be obtained before traveling to India.
*6 month recent bank statements required for visa application.

Yellow Fever Inoculations is required if you travel from an infected country (not required for South African Passport Holders)
The following inoculations are recommended for India, but not compulsory:
Hepatitis A&B, Rabies, Typhoid, Tetanus, Polio & Japanese Encephalitis.
Malaria Risk

India has a hot and tropical climate with variations from region to region. During winter, evenings and mornings are cool and days are dry and sunny. In late May, the monsoon begins and humidity levels build. Summer heat can be experienced in July. November to March is the best time to travel to India.

Shops are open 6 days, and sometimes 7 days a week. A good rule of the thumb is to call the shop(s) in advance and find out if they are open. Sometimes they may be closed due to a local holiday. Also make sure you find out about parking arrangements, or else visitors might run into some parking problems. South Mumbai popularly referred to as “town” by the denizens of Mumbai (Bombay) is a good place to shop for clothes, jeweler, artifacts,shoes and house-ware items.

Business Travelers (only by specific airlines), while you’re booking with us, why not lets us tailor-made your airport transfers to or from your hotel, home or company's doorstep? Complimentary chauffeur-driven cars are available on our flight packages for First Class and Business Class passengers to Mumbai (Bombay) or more countries if you going on a round-trip. A free pick-up radius of 50km from our major airports, In Mumbay there's 50km restriction from Mumbai International Airport. All pick-ups has a waiting time of maximum 15 minutes at pick-up points. If the transfer radius is exceeded, there will be charge by km's. Arrangements have to be made with our online booking process and 48 hours in advance of travel date. There after set your mind at ease-it’s one less thing to worry about during your travels.

Holidays to Bombay is famous for visits to its textile industry, and in recent years designer labels and clothes have come to dominate the shopping scene. Designer clothes are the rage and you can find a wide and good selection of Indian and western designer outfits in Mumbai. Prices for designer clothes tend to be in the higher price bracket.
Besides shops, shopping arcades at various five-star hotels and other holiday destinations, the country has great places to stroll for some great buys. Shopping malls are emerging as the new shopping destinations for visitors when on holiday in Mumbai ( Crossroads, Orbit, Nirmal Lifestyle and R Mall ).

Fashion Street on M.G. Road has over 100 street vendors in makeshift shops selling garments at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay in a proper store. Most are export surpluses or rejects; some may be secondhand. Hard bargaining expected. For gold, silver or diamond jewellery (jewelry to Americans), go to the old Zaveri Bazar or Sheik Memon Street area. Visitors on shopping holidays can also find gift items like silver picture frames and napkin rings.

India has the world's largest movie industry, based in Mumbai. The B in Bollywood comes from Bombay, which is the former name for Mumbai. The majority of Bollywood movies are musicals.

India Railways is the largest employer in the world, employing over 1 million people.

Chess was invented in India. Chaturanga, which is believed to be the earliest form of chess, has been played in India since the 6th century. Chaturanga means 'four divisions', infantry, cavalry, elephantry and chariotry.