Switzerland Holiday Packages

Nestled in the Alps, Switzerland has become a flourishing nation known for its alpine hills, chocolates and most scenic railways. The country is landlocked in the center of Europe making it the ideal stop for your European journey.

Travelers visiting Switzerland are whisked away in its magical valleys lined with crystal clear rivers and striking waterfalls cascading down its green mountains, topped with white glaciers. Switzerland is the ideal destination for nature lovers with hiking routes passing through picturesque mountain villages and trams and cable ways climbing up and down the mountain-side.

For the complete experience you might enjoy a scenic train ride crossing the country along the most scenic railways in the world. Climb the Alps in Lauterbrunnen to reach the 'Top of Europe' for amazing views of Alps from an observatory passing through a glacier along the way.

South African Passport Holders require a Schengan visa to enter Italy.

Switzerland enjoys mildly warm summer and icy cold winters. The best time to visit Switzerland is in the summer time around June - August, however this is also when it receives the most tourists. The winter is great for skiing.

The most direct flights to Switzerland are on Swiss Airlines, flying non-stop from Johannesburg to Zurich. Alternatively, many airlines offer flights via various travel hubs in Africa, Europe and the Middle-East.