Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia Holidays from South Africa

The land of 'Rasa Sayang', Malaysia encompasses rugged mountain ranges and tropical rainforests, busy cities and peaceful villages, cool hill stations and over two hundred islands, tumbling rivers and jungles rich with wildlife.

Whether you want to relax, submerge in the Asian culture or seek adventure, Malaysia will tick all your boxes!
This diverse country is an ideal holiday destination for anyone seeking an immersive travel experience.

The country is blessed with fair and balmy weather year-round. For honeymooners, there are tranquil island destinations including Langkawi, Penang or exotic Kota Kinabalu. Our Malaysia Family, Honeymoon & Business Group Holiday Deals to Malaysia range from exciting beach and island resorts to theme and amusement parks in the city and Genting Highlands.


Kuala Lumpur is the gateway to Malaysia. Many major airliners fly into Kuala Lumpur including Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Airlines and even Air Mauritius.
The most direct flight to Kuala Lumpur from South Africa is on Singapore Airlines flying from Cape Town or Johannesburg.

No visas are required for South African passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days.

The country has an equatorial climate and 75% of its land is a tropical rainforest making it delightfully warm throughout the year. The monsoon winds do much to disperse the heat. In the hills, the weather is cooler.

Nasi Goreng, the delightfully simple dish served across the country, is the best enjoyed on the island of Penang, where diverse cooking styles give the dish some special flavours.

Kuala Lumpur is reffered locally as KL and Kota Kinabalu as KK.

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur at 450 metres high are taller than the Kuala Lumpur Tower at 421 metres. The Kuala Lumpur Tower seems higher because it is standing on a hill.