Istanbul Holiday Packages

Istanbul Holiday Packages from South Africa

Travel to Istanbul , Turkey, for an memorable vacation! For more than a millennia the domes, cupolas and minarets of Istanbul have overlooked the Bosphorus, the busy waterway that separates Asia from Europe. The Asian and European continents collide in a fascinating way and create a unique atmosphere with brilliant shopping, multicultural dining and enchanting views no matter where you are.

5 Night Istanbul Package (Incl. Flights from JNB)

Visas are required by SA passport holders can be applied for online. The e-visa can only be applied for if travelling to Turkey for tourism or commerce purposes. The e-Visa is free for South African passport holders.

The areas bordering the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are cool and wet in the winter, with dry and sunny days in the summer. The mountain regions are perfect for winter sports enthusiasts, with snow in the winter, while Istanbul outdoor cafes, Bosphorus cruises, and city parks can be visited all year round.

Visit the Blue Mosque, the Hippodrome, Haga Sophia, the Grand Bazaar and Topkapi Palace on a full-day Old Historical Sites and Ottoman Relics Tour.

Stroll through the streets to get to know this great city, hop on a tram, chat with friendly locals and snack as you go. End the day with a relaxing drink and dinner overlooking the Boshporus.

Visit Bursa, this picturesque city was the first capital of the Ottoman empire. Here you can explore the ancient Grand Mosque, built in 1,400 AD, and take a cable car up Mount Uludag for an impressive view of the lush green hillside in the summer. , and a spot of skiing in the winter months.

Escape the bustle of Istanbul on a full-day cruise to Princes' Islands. All motorized vehicles are banned, making the islands an oasis of peace and quiet. Explore Buyykada, one of the nine so-called Princes' Islands in the Sea of Marmara.