Bodrum Holiday Packages

Bodrum provides a quiet, family-friendly but thriving holiday beach resort experience during the day which then transforms into a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous cafes and restaurants providing entertainment for all.

Bodrum is situated on a peninsula located in the southwest Aegean Region. This world-renowned holiday destination is considered a paradise for tourists featuring charming neighborhoods, various ancient sites for sightseeing, exquisite bays, turquoise sea, mild Mediterranean climate, modern transportation and a vibrant night life.

7 Night All Inclusive Bodrum Holiday Packages

Visas are required by SA passport holders can be applied for online. The e-visa can only be applied for if traveling to Turkey for tourism or commerce purposes. The e-Visa is free for South African passport holders.

Direct non-stop flights are available from Johannesburg or Cape Town to Istanbul on Turkish Airline. Alternatively Emirates and Qatar also offer great fares to Istanbul with a stopover in Dubai or Doha. 

From Istanbul its another one and a half hour domestic flight to reach the beach resort town of Bodrum.

The coastal areas in Turkey (including Bodrum) bordering the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas are cool and wet in the winter, with dry and sunny days in the summer.

July - September is considered the best time, which is Summer, when the temperatures often exceed 35 degrees Celcius. This is however also the peak season, which is when most tourists visit and hotel room rates are at their highest.

In ancient times, Bodrum was called Halicarnassus. The city was especially famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.The tomb became so famous that Mausolus's name is now the eponym for all stately tombs, in the word mausoleum.

Built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, Bodrum Castle overlooks the harbour and the marina. Inside the castle is a museum of underwater archaeology. The castle hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year.

Bodrum is a very popular stop for blue voyage yacht charters that run along the southern coast of Turkey. Get whisked away on a yacht charter into the deep blue water of the Mediterranean Sea.