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    Best investment in banking for your Cash at the money market.

    Best investment with the money MarketYes, this is true,up to 17% cash interest monthly on your money ,invest millions of, Rand ,Dollar, Euro,this will be the best investment you made in your life. All you have to do is to get interested to invest your money,contact Africa Getaway and we will arrange you the meetings to finalise your investment. 

    No, Africa is not your investment and banking association, we make sure that you don`t burn your finger by suppling the right investment association.We do our best to help invest your money safely and will make sure that you get your interest direct from your investment association that we had introduced you to.So feel safe to invest your money at our investment association.

    Return on the investment

    Africa enhanced Cash Fund association aims to earn a substantially enhanced return above that of normal money market funds. The investment Fund association has an “absolute return” objective with capital protection as priority. The enhanced return on the investment is generated by balancing demand and supply within the Fund and by allocating investors’ funds to investment vehicles that specialise in bridging finance and development capital.

    Investments Risk Management   

    Investments at best interestInvestors investments are exposed to minimal risk since the Fund association is managed by way of a multi-asset management approach and therefore the exposure to the underlying investment vehicles is well diversified. The Fund asset manager performs an extensive due diligence of the underlying investment instruments before funds are allocated to such an investment vehicle.
    Apart from the fact that the exposure to the underlying investment vehicles is limited to a maximum of 25% per investment vehicle, the Fund asset manager is also responsible for the specific allocation of investors’ funds to the underlying investment vehicles, based on the risk characteristics of each vehicle.

    Regulation of the investment

    Apart from the Dynamic Wealth Money Market Fund and other money market funds that may be utilised to obtain cash exposure, the portfolios and investment vehicles that is utilised by the association Enhanced Cash Fund, are not regulated by the Financial Services Board as it does not satisfy the description of a “financial instrument” as defined in the Financial Advisory
    and Intermediary Services Act (Act 37 of 2002).

    Factoring Concept of the Association 

    Invest, Rand ,Dollars, Pounds or ...The Fund association designed to grant investors access to specialist investment vehicles with a focus on bridging finance and development capital. Accordingly the factoring rate is a measure of the percentage of the Fund’s assets that is fully invested in the specialist investment vehicles.

     Inception date:   1 October 2007
     Benchmark:         Money Market Index (STeFI) +2%
     Return objective – Min: Institutional Money Market – Call Rate
     Return objective – Max2: Prime + 3% per annum @ 90% factoring rate
    Target of 90% factoring
     Risk profile:   
     Minimum lump sum:
    R30 000
     Minimum ad hoc:
    R10 000
     Initial product fee:  
     Date of income payment: 7th working day after month end
     Phasing-in period:
    2 Months
     Return – Phasing-in:
    Institutional Money Market – Call Rate
     Notice period: 60 days
    Historic performance does not guarantee future returns.Values may go up or down.
    Expected returns are based on assumptions and is not guaranteed.

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